Probus Golf Day 1.8.17.

Probus Golf Day 1.8.17
Jeff Grover, David Wickens, Ian Nicholson, Geoff Twine, John Swain, Derek Roberts & Bryan Nagle (missing is Alan May who took the photograph)
Probus Golf Day (bunker) 1.8.17
David Wickens encouraging John Swain in a bunker

The Probus Club of Basingstoke, for some years, played a golf match against Deane Probus  for a shield.  This happened over a number of consecutive years until we were unable to field a team due to departures of some members, increasing ages and deaths and we only had 2 or 3 golfers left.
After recent recruitment we can now field approx 8-10 golfers and as such challenged Deane Probus to renew our tournament. However, it now appears that Deane only has a couple of golfers left in their Club and they couldn’t make up a team. Geoff Twine then suggested that our Probus play for the shield amongst ourselves on an annual basis and so 9 members agreed to meet at Sherfield Oaks on 1st August 2017.
Finally there were only 8 of us as one member decided to play snooker instead. Geoff Twine, Alan May, Jeff Grover, Bryan Nagle, Ian Nicholson, Derek Roberts, John Swain and David Wickens all battled against the odd shower to complete the course. This was a Stableford competition where points are collected on each hole.
For the rest of us non-golfers the following is offered by way of an explanation. It takes into account your handicap (ie your current skill at the game). Better players need to complete a hole in fewer shots than worse players in order to earn the same points.
The person with the most points is the winner.

Probus Golf Day (bag) 1.8.17
Artistic shot of a green (no prizes for guessing who the players are)

Also Royal and Ancient Rules are paramount at all times, for example:-
There should be no swearing on the course unless you have hit a poor shot or your competitor has had a stroke of good luck.  Then it is perfectly allowable.
Men should not relieve themselves on the course unless they are over 65 and it is a medical necessity.   This should be done behind a large tree and not into the wind.
On the day the winner was Alan May (two bottles of wine), 2nd Geoff Twine (one bottle of wine) and 3rd John Swain (three golf balls) who were given the prizes, which had been donated by Geoff, at the meal we all enjoyed together in the bar.   Everyone had enjoyed the event and vowed to meet again in a year’s time, maybe at another venue, to again do battle for the Trophy.

Alan May & Geoff Twine
Alan May receiving the winner’s trophy from Geoff Twine