Probus Publicity in November 2021

No doubt having the Mayor, Cllr Onnalee Cubitt, as our guest of honour at the October meeting as well as the speaker Jeff Evans on his subject of TV quiz shows proved to be a winning combination in gaining the interest of the local magazines.

The exception continues to be the Loddon Valley Link where the new rotating editor has yet to have any interest in what our Probus Club is up to in maintaining the interest of our members. Their December/January edition is being edited by the experienced Jane Abrams, who has been known to feature some of our reports.

The Chineham Chat ‘blog’ seems to have stopped adding new reports; their last one was in August. So far my contact has not responded to my enquiries.

The national Probus magazine is poised for a come back in the New Year and our upcoming visit to the Brooklands Transport museum later in November might prove of sufficient interest to be included, always provided there are some interesting photographs.