One of the best decisions

“I missed not seeing you during the Coronavirus lockdown Granddad/Grandpa/Pa. After you had finished all those jobs that Grandma had been waiting for you to do, what did you do then?”

Please select your normal style of address used by your grandchildren.

“I made one of the best decisions in my life” you replied.

“What was that Granddad/Grandpa/Pa?”

“ I’d been thinking about it for a while but with all the time in the world to consider what to do with my life, when this lockdown eventually ends, I decided to join the Probus Club of Basingstoke.”

“What do they get up to, Granddad/Grandpa/Pa?”

“Well, I had read in the Rabbiter magazine about this group of like-minded retired men who get together regularly for social interchange and meetings where they have interesting speakers and good lunches.”

“Won’t Grandma mind you going out all the time without her?”

“They also have social occasions most months that I can take your Grandma to and have trips to interesting places that she and I can attend.”

“Was it difficult to apply, Granddad/Grandpa/Pa?

“As those meerkats on the TV advertisements say, Simples. I phoned their Secretary and had an exploratory chat about what their plans are when these social distancing regulations are lifted and it all sounded like something that suited my style and life’s experiences. It was really easy and I felt that I would be made most welcome. I can’t wait to go to their meetings when they start again.”

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