Probus Publicity in December 2022

A good month for our publicity that appeared in the early part of December in the local magazines, and we got a small (and edited) version in the Basingstoke Gazette of 8 December of the review by our President Alex Marianos that I used as copy for the three magazines that have a January edition. I had also sent this review to the Basingstoke Observer, but they did not run with it in their 8 December issue so we shall have to wait for it in their next one in two weeks on 22 December.

The image of the CommunityAd front cover for the Overton, Oakley & Kempshott is shown larger than reality purely because of the space available. It should be A5. Whereas the Old Basing Winter magazine (also a CommunityyAd publication) is A4. However we must be grateful that both sizes of these magazines gave us a double page spread.

The eagle eyed of you will have noticed that the Kempshott Kourier for December is not shown as it has only gone to print today because, so I am told, the editor was stuck in east Africa having had his passport, money and camera stolen whilst on holiday.