Probus Spring Ladies’ Lunch 10th May 2022

Despite all the concerning, recent changes at the Test Valley Golf Club the Spring Ladies’ Lunch was a complete success. The new chef produced excellent food on the day, and it appears that all 32 attendees are carnivores since no one selected the main course option of roasted vegetables.

The members on the table with your correspondent had every option available and all were very complimentary about the quality of the food.

Revd Jane Leese, president of the Ladies’ Probus Club of Basingstoke, was the guest of honour and gave an outline of her move from being a teacher into church ministry only two years after the ordination of women priests was allowed.

Guest of Honour Revd Jane Leese, President of the Basingstoke Ladies’ Probus Club with President David Wickens

Unfortunately it did not prove possible to take a photograph of Michael & Pam Luck or that of Dave Kitson with Hilary Shopland. Apologies are offered to all concerned.