Probus Publicity in March 2022

A good result in the local March magazines for the H-Bomb story which appeared in the Rabbiter, Kempshott Kourier, Bramley Mag, the Villager, Loddon Valley Link and on the web site Basinga Extra.

There was also success in the CommunityAd magazine for Bramley & Sherfield who ran the report about the Eurovision Song Contest. Things that I send to this publisher are dependent on them requesting a report as they need to fill a page before they go to print. And as they tend to publish their range of magazines around every three months, or so, I send them what I have instantly available.

We did not appear in the March Link (for Oakley) or in the two quarterlies of the Brighton Bell and Winklebury Way. It is the usual situation with these magazines that they want to use local reports and our Probus reports are considered general interest and therefore are useful as a fill in.