Publicity During Covid Lockdown – 17

Come the month of August and most of the local magazines do not publish. It is disappointing therefore that even one that does, the Link, in Oakley, unfortunately, and rarely, did not include our piece. This can be perhaps put down to the fact that since resuming their printed editions they are now a free issue publication which means that advertising pays for the printing costs. Previously they made a charge to receive the magazine. The net result is that the pagination has reduced accordingly to match the paid for pages with editorial decisions having to be made about what is included or excluded from each edition.

The Loddon Valley Link, as previously mentioned, is tricky to gain a place in each printed edition and made more difficult because of their rotating editor policy. Our most supportive editor has now resigned and a new one has been installed but it may take time for a relationship to be built up so that the Probus Club reports become a standard feature.

The Chineham Chat still does not publish but they have maintained their “blog” type news site and we are successful with our press releases. The Kempshott Kourier sails on regardless of what happens to other publications although the editor has admitted that they have lost a couple of advertisers which makes it difficult to cover their costs.

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