Publicity During Covid Lockdown – part 9

Here are the results of our publicity in the local magazines that appeared in December. A good month for coverage with most taking the Dave Kitson Windmill story. He was probably pleased that his local magazine for Sherborne St John, the Villager, used a complete page for this report. The page was reduced for the sake of scanning it on to our site.

Because the production of the quarterly Brighton Bell was running late it proved possible for them to also include the Windmill story.

However, you will notice that there is a new publication this month which titles itself as the Old Basing & Lychpit Parish Council Community Newsletter. Both the cover and the full text page showing David Rawden’s hill climbing adventures are shown here.  Their copy date was such that this was our latest report at that time but as it was not time critical it still makes for an interesting read. As this is another freebie publication, I expect that they have a loose timing for when going to print which is dependent on selling sufficient advertising space. This magazine is published by the same people responsible for the Sherfield & Bramley and the Overton & Oakley CommunityAd magazines which have previously been included in our results.