Publicity During The Covid-19 Lockdown – part 3

Here are the results of our publicity activity that appeared in June. All publications used Jeff Grover’s report about his first meeting at the Probus Club.
The Rabbiter, Kempshott Kourier and the Bramley magazines continued with their conventionally printed editions although still in their shortened form.
Again we failed to appear in the Loddon Valley Link but we did get published in the digital productions of the Basinga and Popley Matters magazines.
The Chineham web site also featured our report as a blog style report.
There are glimmers of hope that things may start to revert to old times as I was contacted this week by the Link magazine (Oakley and surrounds) who are thinking about coming back to life with an August edition. This comes on top of the news that the Villager (Sherborne St John and surrounds) are publishing a July edition, this is definitely a positive sign