Basingstoke Probus Golf Event Friday July 26th Test Valley Golf Club

Alan May, Bryan Nagle & Richard Stettner
David Wickens, Jeff Grover ,John Swain & Geoff Twine

Geoff Twine (as the current holder of the Shield) organised this event and 7 members attended. Geoff Twine, Bryan Nagle, Alan May, Richard Stettner, Jeff Grover, David Wickens and John Swain all battled it out for the 2019 honours in this Stableford Competition. This means that points are awarded on completion of each hole depending on how many shots it took and what handicap you are playing off. The person with the most points is declared the winner.

The day was just right for a game of golf after the preceding days had been quite rainy. We all posed for our photos at the first tee before setting off at 10 am. In the first group was Bryan Nagle and Alan May in a buggy together with Richard Stettner.


Creative photographic shot of Bryan Nagle

The other four all played together and Geoff Twine is seen putting on the 18th green.


Geoff Twine on the 18th watched by David Wickens

As usual it was a day of some good shots and some bad and after all the scores were in and checked it was surprising that very few points separated all 7 players but the winner by 1 point was Richard Stettner who was presented with the Shield by Geoff Twine.


Winner Richard Stettner being presented with the Shield by Geoff Twine

Everyone enjoyed an excellent golfer’s meal of ham, egg and chips together with a small libation and plenty of chat about what had gone on throughout the day.

Let’s hope that Richard can organise another super day out next year.