Probus in Portsmouth

A splendid day in Portsmouth with superb weather made for a memorable coach trip to the Historic Dock Yard and later to the Spinnaker Tower. Organiser Tony Achison could not have hoped for a better combination as 40 of us had a memorable social occasion.

The Historic Naval Dock Yard has multiple attractions including HMS Victory which is undergoing a complete refit with the top masts having been removed being an outward  sign of the work, but the main target of our visit was to the Mary Rose museum.  As it is probably thirty years since many of us saw it in its original state set in a tent and being sprayed by sea water the transformation into today’s magnificent £31 million exhibition centre has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately the place is kept in a state of darkness to help preserve the exhibits so apologies for not having any photographs of this part of the day.

Members also had a boat trip around the harbour which they said was full of interesting facets.

The party took lunch anywhere they fancied and assembled in the afternoon at the Spinnaker Tower. Stunning views from the observation platform of the surrounding Portsmouth harbour was supported by the braver members crossing the glass floor.