The Art/Science of Dowsing

Fred & Michael Haxeltine CaptureMichael Haxeltine, a member of the British Society of Dowsers, gave an abridged presentation to the Probus Club of Basingstoke, which was a snap shot of the extensive breadth of this subject. His normal presentation can be an all day affair but he had to make do with one hour.

Most of us have heard about water divining. The speaker gave other instances of its practical use and told of an instance where he had been able to identify 15 out of 17 known problems found by CCTV in a 200 m drain. However not many attendees knew about the extensive use made by dowsers in all manner of circumstances and the speaker gave practical demonstrations to help his cause.

Probus members with dowsing rodsCapture

And members of this social club for retired professional and business managers were encouraged to take part. One member sat with an open design pyramid over his head for half an hour which when removed was shown to have created an aura of about 75 cms around him. The weighted end of a flexible metal rod was seen to rise when placed in the middle of the pyramid. Similar open pyramids have been proven to help seeds germinate by raising local temperature. A torch beam made a dowsing rod move down the light beam which was explained because light is a mix of waves and particles.

Bryan Jenkins with open pyramidCapture

All present had a dowsing rod made of a wire coat hanger with a right angle handle which we had to use to search for articles previously hidden in the room. Some had success but others had to count backwards to stabilise their mental position. One volunteer had the left side of his body checked by a dowsing rod to identify any old injuries. Some foods were checked if still suitable to eat by suspending a pendulum over it, similar in style to a plumb line, and if it rotated clockwise the food was edible.

Everyone had a corrugated plastic pipe with a weighted end called a bobber which if rotated clockwise had been used to find oil fields. All down to our mental process, apparently. Medical work had also been successfully penetrated with the pendulum – plumb line – used in vascular dementia and distance healing. The pendulum is currently under experimentation at the Savill Garden near Windsor where it is being used to establish if when plants are set in a magnetic orientation grow differently to others of the same species. Whilst at these famous gardens he was able to find an ongoing underground water leak to within 6 inches of the fault.

Geoff Twine with a pendulumCapture

Another occasion Michael had used the pendulum to identify 15 out 16 known faults with a ship’s radar system.

Michael Haxeltine is an enthusiastic amateur member of his society and so is not listed on their web site but see for more information about this fascinating subject.