Summer Pub Lunch August 2016

The annual Probus Club of Basingstoke Summer Pub lunch took place at the Swan Inn, Sherborne St John on Tuesday 9th August. It was attended by thirty six people, consisting of members, wives/lady friends and friends who had an enjoyable lunch time with with quality food and wide menu choice.

The choice of venue was made by Fred Locke in the spring, while still Vice President – it was his selection of this hostelry that made it the success it was on the day.

While the photographs show the attendees it is slightly bemusing that several of the “couples” don’t appear in the same photograph as their other half – there are no prizes for identifying who belongs to whom! And sincere apologies are offered to Lesley Atchison who is missing off the photograph that contains Rob Hopkins and her photo bombing husband Tony Atchison. Even deeper apologies are offered to Nick Waring and his lady, Ann, who didn’t get photographed at all. They shared a table with Tony and Lesley Atchison and it must have been the standing presence of Rob Hopkins who threw a wobbly at the man behind the camera. A pity that these days he can’t blame the last frame on the film being used before he reached their table. He does suggest that on the next occasion any one should shout out if they do not get photographed.