New President Appointed at Probus Club

The very recent 37th Annual General Meeting of the Probus Club of Basingstoke saw a change at the top of this social organisation for retired professional and business managers. Fred Locke of Bramley was appointed President for the ensuing year by the outing holder Alan Porter, also of Bramley.

“It is a coincidence” said Fred,” that we both live in the same village, but many of our members live in Bramley so it’s really no surprise that this has happened. However the new Vice President, Nick Waring, lives in Oakley so next year when he becomes the President will ensure there is a geographical shift to the west of Basingstoke.”

Except for Tony Atchison of Chineham, who returns as the Outings Organiser, the other members of the Executive Committee are unchanged which gives great continuity as the club moves into its 38th year of existence.

Probus Com 2106-01148 5x6
Fred Locke receives the President’s chain of office from immediate past President Alan Porter
Probus Com 2106-01149 5x5.3
Alan Porter receives the Past President’s tie, lapel and name badge from Secretary Paul Flint