Memorial Service for Dr Raja Ram Cavale

Dr Raja CavaleCapture
Raja Cavale 26th January 1937 – 23rd February 2016

Raja Cavale, who joined the Probus Club of Basingstoke in August 2012, died following a stroke and had a private family funeral service in London. On Sunday 6 March a Memorial Service was held at the Carnival Hall Community Centre in Basingstoke that was attended by over 80 people. With Raja’s wife Padma, son Naveen (a Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon in London) and daughter Gowri (a Chartered Accountant in New York with Price Waterhouse Coopers) most of the audience were from the Indian community, originally from Bangalore in SE India, who are now spread throughout UK.

The service took the form of reminisces from several attendees of how Raja was deeply involved with their association, Kannada Balaga. Raja was the conduit for all the various forms of communications with the membership, as his interest in technology played a major part in his computer expertise and skills with desk top publishing. It also emerged that after retiring from the NHS he worked for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau for three years but had to study and take a GCSE “A” level in social studies.

The Probus Club was represented at this service by President Alan Porter, Secretary Paul Flint (who spoke on our behalf about Raja’s involvement as the technical expert on our web site and his role as principal photographer) with Richard Wood and Mano Singh. No doubt the fact that this day was Mothering Sunday meant that other Probus Club members who would have normally been present to pay their respects to Raja’s family on a date other than this, were committed to attending lunches and other family matters.

Raja Cavale was a kind, gentle person, who played an important part in the background of the Probus Club of Basingstoke. We shall miss him deeply.