Probus Ladies’ Spring Lunch 2015

Tuesday 12 May 2015 saw the first Spring Ladies’ Lunch at the Test Valley Golf Club, the usual venue for our monthly lunch meetings; our previous venue for the last two years, Oakley Hall, having priced itself out of the market since a revamp. The weather was kind although the terrace ceased being used once the clouds came over but the club came up trumps with a good spread of menu options and room layout.

Alan and Liliane May, once again, were the organisers of the day. They produced all the name cards and menus with photographic quizzes about various scenes around the town in additional to the logistical difficulties in co-ordinating the arrangements with the golf club with our members’ lunch selections. Rob Hopkins had obtained fourteen raffle prizes, mainly of the alcoholic variety with the occasional box of chocolates, which were very well received by the lucky winners.