Last Lunch for David Carwardine

The lunch on Tuesday 11 March 2014 was the final such event for David Carwardine who later this month is moving with Betty to a retirement complex in Wiltshire to be nearer his family. Like all matters concerning property, everything always takes longer than anticipated and David told his audience that he actually placed his deposit for his new apartment in November 2012. He had a buyer for his house shortly thereafter who moved into rented accommodation to await David and Betty’s departure. What it is to have such a desirable property to sell!

David spoke warmly of his 23 years as a member of the Probus Club of Basingstoke, reminiscing about some of the social occasions he and Betty enjoyed. One such was to Bruges where his seventieth birthday was celebrated in a local eatery with the other Probus members on this trip. His joint venture of an investment club along with John Dunn, who is now resident in USA , Mike Jarvis and others actually made some profits but what happened to them was not disclosed.

What David was very sure about was that it was the variety of members’ backgrounds and experiences that made Probus such a pleasant organisation to belong to and he thanked everyone for their friendship over the years.

Mike Jarvis gave a response which incorporated the following aspects of David’s time in Probus.

David was VP when I joined in 1995

During his presidential year he started the practice of quarterly committee meetings prior to the monthly lunches which still endures.

He celebrated his 70th birthday on the outing to Bruges. The meal was memorable, but not the best we’ve had. We still enjoyed the occasion.

With John Dunn and six others we started The Peripatetic Investment Club in 2001. Our monthly meetings were fun and we even made a small profit.

He is moving to Wiltshire, into a retirement village. I well remember that he was responsible for the investment club buying shares in one of the developers of such villages. We made money.

David has been a loyal supporter of Probus throughout his membership. He has never been afraid to let committee members know if something can be improved. His gentle suggestions were always worth listening to. Many in this room will have had their ears bent.

In my experience David is unique. He is already an honorary life member, yet he still has been coming to meetings. Fortunately the committee was sharp enough to get his fee before changing his status.

I am certain you will all join me in wishing David and Betty every happiness in their new home and to say that if he ever wants to visit and attend a meeting he will be most welcome.